About Veltkamp

Veltkamp is part of the Veltkamp Group, with headquarters in the Netherlands. Founded in 1925 in Amsterdam as a manufacturer of electrical fasteners. In the fifties, production was expanded to include a division for processing phenolic resin (bakelite), the first synthetic plastic. In subsequent years, it was further developed into an advanced injection molding and metalworking department and with its own engineering department and mold production. Techniques which since the seventies professional end-users of cargo securing equipment and lifting equipment under the hook be served and supported

Since then the technical knowhow is used as the base for:

  • further expansion and development of the product range
  • product innovation
  • optimization of production
  • reduction of production costs
  • managing of quality, environmental and safety parameters
  • building an international sales organization
  • developing its own test facility under the auspices of DNV GL
  • expansion of the logistics system to global door-to-door distribution
  • technical and logistical support for customers
  • improving relationships with customers and customer satisfaction









On this basis the veltkamp Group become a specialist in:

  • Cargo securing systems
  • Equipment Lifting equipment Under the hook
  • Testing and inspection

Clients range from distributors to high end professional end users in the field of road, rail, sea, container and air transport.
Our activities are focused not only on a wide range of clients and market sectors, but are also performed in accordance with customer-specific requirements and applicable laws and regulations. Our focus is he care for quality, the environment, welfare, safety, service and reliability.


In order to respond quickly and effectively to market trends, customer needs and to ensure quality, Veltkamp HQ is certified for:

  • ISO 9001 - for management of product and process quality
  • ISO 14001 - for managing the environmental impact and the care that purpose
  • BS / OHSAS 18001 - for the safety and welfare of our employees
  • AEO F - customs simplification and safety

Our customers are not only distributors, but especially the professional end users who are often globally active and require a high reliability in addition to technical and logistical support.

To this end:

  • all relevant products delivered with certificate
  • certificates and documentation to customers available through our website
  • the products delivered anywhere in the world door-to-door on time
  • we keep if necessary reserve stocks
  • required courses and trainings on site
  • inspections and examinations provided by our own inspectors

This allows our customers at any time, to demonstrate at each location to authorities, insurance companies, etc. that the materials used:

  • are certified
  • tested per batch number and meet all standards
  • meet the calculations and values ​​according to the standards and regulations

This allows Veltkamp to serve its customers with:

  • a professional and reliable support and customer service
  • the necessary specialist knowledge
  • stocks on site to be able to deliver fast
  • maintaining contingency stocks
  • door-to-door deliveries, on time and anywhere in the world
  • with inspections and examinations

For more information about our products and capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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