In addition to manufacturing and logistics facilities, Veltkamp also has a Department of Engineering & Tooling.


Here are products designed or modified, after which the necessary moulds, stamps and tools are manufactured in house.
This is entirely in line with the wishes of customers, current standards and regulations.


In addition to these aspects, the design of a product also takes extensive account of::

  • desired safety aspects
  • identified risk factors
  • practical applicability
  • specific environmental factors (offshore, army, air, etc)
  • and the economic feasibility

After determining product and other specifications, designing, validating, manufacturing and testing the product, the certification process is followed. To this end, we cooperate closely with DNV and the Dekra.

Engineering is also responsible for the continuity of the production processes and the inspection and testing of products, and works closely with QHSE / AEO (quality, safety, environment and customs).



Mold Making

Injection Molding Protection Paper Coil