Article Number 30201610
Type R50509 - ERGO
Length 32.8 feet / 10 meters
Lgl / Lgf 31.5 / 1.31 feet or 9.6 / 0.4 meters
LC - lineair 2500 daN
LC - system 5000 daN
Breaking strength (according EN12195) minimal 7500 daN
Standard Hand Force (SHF) 50 daN - the maximum tension force with which the ratchet can be tightened to achieve the STF value
Standard Tension Force (STF) 1102 pounds / 500 daN
Width 1.97 inches / 50 mm
Approved by Standard EN12195-2
DNVGL - Verification Declaration of Conformity 4572-DNVGL-01
Quality: Lashing Capacity (LC) versus
the Breaking Strength (BS)

According to EN 12195, the Lashing Capacity (LC) at least 30% of the Breaking Strength (BS).

The BS however, need not be indicated on the label.

In practice often cheaper straps sold with a lower breaking strength than stated on the label, with all the risks this implies.
Fake certificates Many suppliers offer similar products with texts such as 'Certification: TÜV-GS certification' or equivalent. However, this does not apply to ratchets tie down. These are therefore not certified, other than that one only submits a Chinese 'certificate'.
Additional possibilities Different models, lengths and colors or a private printing are available upon request.
Remark STF = Standard Tension Force = the optimum force to tighten the tensioner. For many users, this is not known. They tighten the webbing as hard as possible, resulting in a fast aging of the ratchet and damage to the load.

Too strong tightening also makes no sense.

The webbing is made of polyester. Under the influence of temperature and movements of the vehicle, the STF in short time all revert back to the default value.